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Beryllium Copper EMI Shielding Material


ALB-Alloy is capable of producing the beryllium copper EMI spring Leaf, EMI BeCu Finger Stock, beryllium copper finger stock, beryllium copper finger strips, beryllium copper EMI shielding gasket, beryllium copper EMI shielding, beryllium copper stampings, etc… according to Customer’s drawing and available samples .


Beryllium Copper - the ideal shielding material
Beryllium Copper (BeCu) is a high performance metal which can be fabricated into a wide variety of components. Its mechanical and electrical properties make it the ideal material for EMI/RFI shielding products.


Unique Material Properties
Beryllium copper's electrical properties provide shielding effectiveness over an extremely broad frequency range. At the same time, its mechanical properties yield a high deflection range, in addition to a long life without compression set. BeCu finger stock provides maximum spring properties for strength and fatigue resistance, plus excellent conductivity. Available in many plating options, BeCu has a high cycle time and conforms to large gap variations making it the best material for attenuation.


Available products:


The mainly available beryllium copper EMI Shielding materials and finger stocks are C17200 beryllium copper EMI Spring Leaf, Finger stock, and C17200 beryllium copper stampings and other EMI Shielding components and stamping parts.


Typical application:

Mobile phone, apparatus, instruments meters, radio, medical equipment, multimeter and home appliances, punching parts, brush spring, electrical brush, plate spring, switch contact, contact pin, plate cover, gear box, stamping parts, Circuit boards, electronic enclosures, interconnect cables.


ALB-Alloy advantage:

Class 4 Alloy has extremely high hardness and ultimate tensile strength although the electrical conductivity is lower than the Class 3 Alloy

Class 4 Beryllium Copper (17200) is available in heat treatable tempers. Alloys are used in a wide range of applications requiring  high strength and stiffness with good conductivity.

Typical uses include electrical/electronic connectors, current-carrying springs, precision screw machined parts, welding electrodes, bearings, plastic molds and corrosion resistant components.


Class 3 Alloy is specifically recommended for projection welding dies, flash and butt welding dies, current carrying shafts and bushings.  As castings,
Class 3 Alloy (having higher strength than Class 2), is recommended for highly stressed welder structural current carrying members and heavy duty offset electrode holders.

Class 3 Alloy is generally recommended for spot welding and seam welding steels having high electrical resistance, such as stainless steels.


The Class 3 Alloy is heat treatable.



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